Coti have been making quality chocolate for everyone in Port Elizabeth for over 14 years. We strive to make the best tasting chocolate we can at an affordable price to our consumers.

We buy carefully selected raw materials including Fair trade certified cocoa from West Africa. Most of our chocolate making equipment is sourced from Scotland, from the same company used by well known multinational confectionery operations.

We are diligent about keeping high standards in our factory, which is independently audited every year. Even though we are a small South African company we see no reason to believe that we cannot compete with the largest of international players. Our people are drawn from the local community and 60% of our workforce are still with us from our first days as a start up business.

Along with Coti Zero Added Sugar our company makes an affordable chocolate range also under the COTi brand. SA’s leading cooking chocolate, ‘Bake & Eat ‘ is also made by us, as well as the unique Peanut Butter Max bar. If you cannot find any of those items in your local supermarket contact us and we will ‘make a plan’ to get you the product that you enjoy.


As a company we know more people are trying to reduce their sugar intake as part of a healthier lifestyle, but this does not mean they have to give up the enjoyment of chocolate.

Despite having no added sugar we know our chocolate tastes great too. There is no point in developing a zero added sugar chocolate that does not match up the same taste of a bar made with sugar. We have also made sure that buying COTI Zero Added Sugar will not burn a hole in your pocket. Up till now zero added sugar chocolate has been very expensive, often more than twice the price of a standard product. NO MORE. COTI Zero Added Sugar Chocolate is sold at the same price of any standard slab or bar!


Inside our factory our Zero Added Sugar chocolate is made on a special manufacturing line, separate from the standard production.

To make our chocolate we use cocoa that comes from West Africa with a Fairtrade certification, and all the milk comes from South African cows. It is this milk that gives the natural sugar elements to the recipe in the form of lactose.

For sweetness instead of sugar we use an ingredient called Maltitol. This is a sugar substitute that is sweet, but not as sweet as sugar, and comes with half the calories! It is also gluten free and tooth friendly. There is no artificial sweeteners used in our recipe. Maltitol gives sweetness but has fewer calories than sugar and has much less of an effect on blood glucose levels making it more suitable for people with diabetes than sugar.

Coti Zero Added Sugar Chocolates are registered and authorised by the South African National HALAAL Authority.


The World Health Organization recommends that only 5% of your daily calorie intake should consist of added sugar. To put this in everyday context it means that for an adult it is equal to 7 teaspoons of added sugar or only one standard slab chocolate.

There is no sugar added whatsoever to our recipe, making it completely sucrose free!