Coti Zero Added Sugar Dark Chocolate Slabs

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Slabs are valued at R 319.80 per box containing 20 Units. A order of 5 Boxes or more will be considered a bulk purchase and will be valued at R290.00 per box,VAT is already included in all our prices.  Shipping is free and the product will be delivered within 48-72Hours.

Taste Description:

Our Dark is made to provide an intense, full bodied chocolate taste balanced by a smooth, soft finish. We carefully craft the recipe to avoid all bitter end notes.


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Typical Nutritional Information

(as packed)

per 100g per 30g

Single serving



Glycaemic Carbohydrate

(of which total sugar)

Total Fat

Of which Saturated Fat

Trans Fat

Dietry Fibre**

Total Sodium

2159 kj

4.2 g

55.1 g

13.4 g

29.6 g

28.7 g

<0.1 g

7.1 g

221 mg

647 kj

1.3 g

16.5 g

4.0 g

8.9 g

8.6 g

<0.1 g

2.1 g

66 mg

*Total Dietary Content determined by AOAC 991.43

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